Chat Features: 5
Video Quality: 5
Navigation: 5
Support: 5
Variety of Models: 5
Value for Money: 4 seems to be just another webcam site, where you may chat with sexy girls from all around the world. Yet, for few reasons it is not “yet again” another webcam site, but rather something cool, innovative and fresh in online webcam world. I discovered while searching google for – well don’t ask me ..

Summary 4.8 great

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  • Live Profiles:80
  • Total Profiles:3100
  • HD Cams:Yes
  • Free Chat:yes
  • Cam2Cam:yes

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I Spy seems to be just another webcam site, where you may chat with sexy girls from all around the world.
Yet, for few reasons it is not “yet again” another webcam site, but rather something cool, innovative and fresh in online webcam world.

I discovered while searching google for – well don’t ask me what I was looking for, we already know what was that Anyway, what I noticed first after landing on ispylive was their website’s layout. It looked exactly like the website (I will tell you more about it later) – fresh and innovate and easy to navigate.

Like I said, I consider IspyLive as something fresh in cam world for reasons. First of all, somebody that created this website did a really good job and he added a possibility to browse it by “models categories”, which basically means – you may search for your favorite webcam models by selectors like “alternative girls” , “stodents”, “european girls” and so on. So if somebody (it wasn’t me !) have a big desire to meet some cam girl that would be emo chick in her 20s of blonde hair – he may easily find her @

The second fresh and innovate idea that I noticed was the fact that is basically not only about amateur webcams, but offers also different kind of interactions, like games (!) that you may play with these sexy webcam girls or even some gambling, where you may actually win webcam tokens while playing for them with other surfers like you.

The possibility of playing sex games with webcam girls is something that I really like, and although it wasn’t fully developed yet (as of January 2017), it is something that I saw for the first time at the webcam site. Imagine having an ability to play with that sexy 19 years old girl some crazy sex games, like truth or dare or dildo contest  – you get the point…If you add to it that the chat girl can be topless or totally naked during that – I think that you perfectly get a point. So guys at ispylive,if you read this heh, don’t be a jerks and please fully implement this feature as soon as possible ! I really liked it and wait for it !

The other innovate thing that I saw on ispylive were the erotic stories. Many of their cam models have actually sexy stories that they wrote, when they describe how horny they are and what their sexual fantasies are…It really helps to warm up atmosphere on the chat and get know every cam model better.

Another innovative idea that I noticed was the possibility to win (or loose…) cam tokens with other cam players. Imagine not having money that day, but still having big urge to have some sexy chat with nice webcam girl…What you do ? You turn off your computer as you have no money or rather try your luck with another guys and play some game to win tokens ? If you consider yourself as “lucky” person, I bet that you will chose option number two. Sure, there is a risk also in that – as you may lose, but if you are really lucky….

I could write lot more about other nice things that you may encounter at, but this review has its limits, so let me just mention them: community pages, some free porn videos or even recorded came theater where you may watch already prerecorded cam shows of these sexy girls.

The stream

After signing up to ispylive, I spent some time (and money) on few webcam girls. They gave me free 500 tokens for a good start, but I tipped some girls anyway so I had to spent some money. Overall livecam experience was good, the stream was fast and reliable, but you not forget about one thing – don’t bother with trying ispylive if you have low speed internet connection, 2mbps download and 0,5-1 mbps upload is what you need at least to fully enjoy it. And that’s the case with all webcam sites, not only ispylive.


If you are looking for some cool fresh and innovative webcam site, then is definitely for you. It has many nice and unique features that will keep you on their site for hours, and 500 tokens bonus given at a signup makes this cam site not expensive. Recommended !

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